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NeuroPalliative Yoga Therapy Workshop 


NeuroPalliative Yoga Therapy workshops are offered as continuing education and outreach to practitioners and staff of neuropalliative care and support programs, integrative health or rehabilitation clinics, and hospitals as an introduction to integrating yoga therapy as a form of ongoing, long-term therapy and support for patients.

Introductory workshops highlight the fundamentals of our specialized yoga therapy training which helps C-IAYT yoga therapists think independently, practice mindfully and cultivate awareness of their role as therapist, practitioner, and caregiver when providing long-term support and therapy for those with neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and movement disorders such as Parkinson's (PD). 


Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy CE credit may be applicable. Participants are responsible for verifying with their licensing board.


Hosting a Workshop or APD Training


Workshops are intended as an educational and experiential introduction to NeuroSupportive and NeuroPalliative Yoga Therapy Training and may not be listed or claimed as a yoga therapy training. IAYT accredited yoga therapy schools are welcome to request an integration of EquiLibrium's APD yoga therapy training as part of their accredited yoga therapy training program. Contact us for information or find us at SYTAR (Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research).


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