Supportive Therapies for Women in Bloomington IN - Indiana. Integrative and alternative therapies provided in-home in Bloomington.

Integrative. Complementary. Alternative. Therapies​.

EquiLibrium Yoga Therapy & NeuroSupport provides integrative, complementary, and alternative therapies for women in Bloomington Indiana and the Indianapolis area. It is hoped that providing individualized therapy and support at your location will provide ease and convenience for those who find movement challenging, are easily tired due to chronic pain, neurological conditions or cancer treatment / recovery, or require in-home therapy due to injury, long-term care and other circumstances. This said, people are resilient: We support and encourage mindful, engaged self-care as well as commitment to therapies as there is no better healer than oneself.


C-IAYT yoga therapists are extensively trained under a scope of standards which focus on providing yoga to individuals as a therapy: A yoga therapist provides one-on-one, individualized, customized yoga therapy sessions or programs which seek to ameliorate specific chronic conditions, assist in recovery, or manage symptoms associated with long-term illness. Our work is based in the traditional, deeply healing aspect of yoga, recognizing that there is a need for an awareness and understanding of each individual as a whole being rather than a sum of their parts, symptoms, or diagnosis.

All therapy sessions adhere to a given modality's healing tradition. Yoga Therapy and Thai Bodywork are distinct therapeutic modalities: Thai Yoga Therapy, Yoga Massage or Thai Yoga Massage are terms commonly used due to misinformation and confusion over historical provenance, creating ambiguity and loss of cultural authenticity. We respect these ancient traditions for their depth and scope, as well as unique attributes, and do not 'blend' modalities during therapy sessions.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy | Individual, customized yoga therapy and long-term programs for neurological & neuromuscular conditions, movement disorders, therapeutic rehabilitation, cancer recovery, chronic pain, range of motion. Sessions are provided by a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist practicing under the guidelines of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

NeuroSupportive Yoga Therapy 

NeuroSupportive Yoga Therapy | Specialized yoga therapy​ and support for neurological conditions such as MS and early or late onset Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, Ehlers Danlos, partial paralysis, stroke recovery, post-polio.

Yoga Therapy for MS 

Yoga for MySelf™: Yoga for MS | Yoga therapy specifically for those living with multiple sclerosis, with a focus on self-care and ability rather than dis-ability.

Yoga Therapy for Parkinson's 

Simply Yoga Therapy | Yoga therapy for early or late-onset Parkinson's, modified to accommodate freezing, dyskinesia, rigidity, or general weakness. 

Yoga Therapy for Cancer & Recovery 

WellBeing Yoga Therapy | Gentle, supportive yoga therapy for those in treatment and recovering from cancer. Sessions are in-home to reduce stress and fatigue.

Restoration Yoga Therapy

Yoga for Chronic Pain & Anxiety | Yoga therapy to calm the mind, ease anxiety, and let go of patterns which may cause chronic pain. Offered in-residence as well as the workplace, and to Bloomington area support groups

Amplitude Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy for Amputees | Yoga therapy for amputees and amelia. Whether due to cancer, diabetes or injury, limb-loss is not only a physical happening: it may alter the emotional, mental, and for many, spiritual outlook on life and living.

Yoga Therapy for Scoliosis & Back Pain

Yoga Therapy for Scoliosis & Chronic Back Pain | Yoga therapy for idiopathic and degenerative scoliosis, as well persistent, unresolved back pain.

Food for Thought Yoga Therapy 

Yoga Therapy for Disordered Eating  | Yoga therapy for women of all ages who need support and a foundation for facing, or recovering from, an eating disorder. Food is not an enemy, but can perceived as such when societal norms influence body-image, or when anxiety, emotional and physical trauma, or life in general affect one's ability to cope. Supportive therapy with an experienced yoga therapist may be beneficial in reducing overall anxiety and creating an outlook of compassion, rather than judgement or criticism, for oneself. Therapy is offered in conjunction with Whole-Person Nutrition and Mindful Mentoring.

Specialized Yoga Therapy Groups 

Yoga Therapy Groups | Common interest groups with a specific therapeutic focus and diagnosed condition. 3-month modules follow the guidelines of the International Assoc. of Yoga Therapists and are provided as a support and adjunct to one-on-one therapy.

Gentle Yoga 

We are frequently asked if we offer Chair Yoga, or Gentle Yoga. Although a chair may, at times, be a necessary and positive addition to Yoga Therapy, a chair can also be more of a hindrance than a benefit in regaining or maintaining balance, proprioception, and stability. We encourage simplicity, reducing use of props to a minimum both for ease and practicality; generally, all that is required in a session is a towel, which can take on multiform uses. This said, yoga is wonderfully versatile and adaptable: Its therapeutic effects—however subtle or gentle—may be readily appreciated whether able, less able, confined to a wheelchair, or in a hospital bed. 

Mindful Mentoring & Yoga Therapy for Women 

Manasvini Mentoring and Yoga Therapy for Women supports women in life and living. A yoga therapist cannot make change happen; however, they can be a catalyst for self-reliance, resilience, and finding equilibrium—a balanced state. The non-physical practices of yoga (mindfulness, awareness, introspection) are emphasized, however mentoring does not separate mind and body, as each affects the other. For women, yoga can be particularly beneficial if the focus is on grounding and inward balance, rather than the modern-day focus on hyper flexibility and over-extending oneself: therapeutic yoga for women uses the practices of yoga to provide stability and calm.

Second Nature Yoga Therapy 

Mind & Body Therapy  | Yoga therapy as gentle movement therapy, combined with the opportunity to walk-and-talk, or appreciate nature in silence. This is a good fit for those who need some supportive motivation to move, whether due to chronic pain, fatigue, or wariness due to balance and gait issues. Second Nature Yoga Therapy™ adds the element of nature therapy: nature is an essential healer which our urbanized society has lost touch with, be it the physical benefits of sunlight and fresh air, or the positive effects trees and natural landscapes have on our state of mind. 

Comprehensive Therapy 

Comprehensive Therapy Programs | Lifestyle choices, self-care, and mental wellbeing are part of overall health, and the healing process. Integrative programs incorporate Yoga Therapy, specialized bodywork, and long-term support for neurosupportive and neuropalliative therapy, cancer recovery, therapeutic rehabilitation, disability. Comprehensive, personalized therapy provides extended therapy and support through one practitioner rather than many, and may be particularly beneficial for those with lifetime conditions or requiring a long-term recovery period. 

Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic Thai Bodywork addresses the body as a whole rather than targeting only specific, isolated issues. Sessions may include passive range of motion, joint mobilization, neuromuscular therapy, acupressure, visceral manipulation and lymphatic drainage. Our Thai bodywork is based in the Thai medicine tradition and is focused on treatment and healing—not popularized, acrobatic techniques. Sessions include traditional Thai herbal compresses and clients remain fully dressed for ease and convenience. We specialize in therapy for neurological conditions, pain management, paralysis, and injury recovery.

Therapeutic Cupping | Dry fire-cupping in conjunction with steamed herbal compresses increases circulation in overused, injured or atrophied muscles, as well as reducing pain and swelling in joints. Traditional glass and ceramic cups are used instead of plastic cups and modern vacuum methods. Offered as part of Comprehensive Therapy Programs. 

Whole Person Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition | Whole-person nutrition ranging from learning the basics of wholesome, healthful eating, to recognizing, understanding, and managing emotional eating and disordered eating. Nutritional guidance is offered as part of Mindful Mentoring for WomenFood for Thought Yoga Therapy™, Second Nature Yoga Therapy™ and Comprehensive Therapy Programs—recognizing the relationship between our mental and physical health, the environment, and the food we take in. Individual, in-home consultations; cooking for family health; learning about organic vs non-organic, whole foods vs. processed; understanding simple yet important principles of nutrition, lifestyle habits, and general health.

Equine Therapy

Therapy for Horse & Human | For those clients who are seeking a stride in the right direction or to change gait, both for themselves and their horses, Mindful Mentoring and Equine Assisted Therapy can be combined, or be part of a Comprehensive Therapy Program. This program requires a commitment in effort and time, emphasizing compassion to bring about positive change and healing in horse and human. Sessions include manual therapy for your horse with an experienced equine therapist. 

Yoga for therapy and integrative, supportive therapies in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

Yoga therapy and supportive therapies are provided in-residence.

There is no added travel fee for those residing within Bloomington.