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EquiLibrium offers in-residence,  individualized therapy to those who already face life-challenges such as neurological conditions, chronic pain, and disability: these are compounded by the current circumstances, affecting access to care and support. Restrictions due to COVID-19 limit our ability to provide yoga therapy and supportive therapies.

We are asking for your support, in order to help us help others. Contributions are gratefully received in the present moment to sustain our practice, and to provide mentoring to women during the pandemic. All therapies will resume once state and CDC guidelines make it clear that it is safe to do so. These are times of instability and change for many of you: Please look first to yourself and your family, as well as friends. If you feel that you are in a position to provide support, consider supporting the work we do in our community. Our grateful thanks for your thoughtfulness.

If you have questions or concerns regarding donations, please contact us using our contact form.

Sponsor an Individual, or Yoga Therapy Group

Would you like to help us offer free yoga therapy sessions to an individual in the Bloomington community— or sustain a local yoga therapy group for a specific condition or therapeutic need? Yoga therapy sessions and yoga therapy groups are led by an experienced C-IAYT yoga therapist specializing in neurological conditions, chronic pain management, disability and rehabilitation, as well as cancer recovery. While long-term, personalized yoga therapy programs and individual sessions are primarily offered in-home, yoga therapy groups may be requested in an integrative, clinical setting or an alternate location can be designated if certain accessibility and safety guidelines are followed. Please contact us to learn more.


Community Engagement

Helping others, and helping others to help themselves, are active ways to show caring and compassion for our fellow human beings. Simply said:

Deeply felt kindness and compassion generates a clarity of mind, a sense of being present for the person you are caring for. A compassionate frame of mind... is something that every person, animal, or any other type of being already has. It is an intrinsic quality of the mind. You can say the light of compassion is already shining, like the moon that has already risen in the sky. __Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, from Medicine and Compassion


EquiLibrium Yoga Therapy welcomes educational opportunities to speak locally, statewide, and nationally on the topic of yoga therapy as an integrative, complementary and alternative form of therapy. Subjects such as: how to integrate yoga therapy into mainstream healthcare or into a clinical setting; what its benefits and complements are to other therapies and treatments; and how yoga therapy can stand alone as an effective alternative to other therapies and therapeutic modalities.


Yoga Therapy is an in-depth, highly accessible form of therapy for a range of life challenges and long-term conditions including depression and anxiety, neurological and neuromuscular conditions such as MS or Parkinson's, or as a support in cancer recovery. Presentations may be short and informational, or longer and dedicated to specific conditions or particular topic; we are comfortable with large (international conferences) or small (professional associations or medical staff) groups.


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