Restoration Yoga Therapy

Gentle yoga therapy for chronic, persistent pain in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain & Anxiety


Restoration Yoga Therapy is an alternative to chair yoga or floor yoga for those with chronic pain, persistent pain, fibromyalgia, or pain resulting from cancer treatment or complications of diabetes. Rather than focusing directly on the cycle of pain, anxiety, and tension, yoga therapy sessions gently turn inward—softening the thoughts, the body, the breath. There is a conscious releasing of pattern-thinking, letting repetitive, cyclical thoughts dissipate with gentle movements of the body, and using natural breath awareness to regain the effortless, full breath we all have when in a relaxed state. Sessions are simplified—avoiding multiple props and using chairs only when necessary—to reduce external, sensory distractions and loss of internal awareness. Each gentle yoga therapy session is an opportunity to bring the body-mind closer to a state of Svastha: being oneself or in one's natural state, and healthy in body and mind.

Yoga Therapy is more than movement therapy: combining the aspects of mind-awareness with body-awareness in a safe, quiet  setting, without the distractions of props or the assumption that one's body must be in a chair, can, quite simply, bring back a sense of autonomy and a gentle yet proactive means to help oneself. Pain is not always an obvious 'target', stemming from neurological or neuromuscular conditions, nerve damage from diabetes or cancer treatment, fibromyalgia, or, unfortunately, iatrogenic sources such as certain medications (statins, for example). Finding the precise 'cause' may not be possible, yet having the ability to break the cycle of pain, even momentarily, or to know what may precipitate or exacerbate it, is perhaps the most helpful aspect of working with a C-IAYT yoga therapist: the client learns to help themselves, rather than relying on props, chairs, and a formulaic set of exercises. 

Gently Renewing Body & Mind

Restoration Yoga Therapy is offered as individualized therapy— in-residence for yoga therapy clients, or in the workplace if located within the Bloomington IN area. 

Clients -  Yoga therapy sessions provide a gentle yet substantive means for letting go of patterns which may contribute to chronic pain, anxiety, and physical tension. Pain perception is directly affected by the physical or mental state we are in, particularly when drawn out over long periods of time; weeks, months, years of protective holding patterns in the body or unaddressed stress and anxiety can, quite literally, become the problem rather than the symptom. In-home yoga therapy sessions are led by a C-IAYT yoga therapist with a deep interest in helping individuals as a whole: If you are going through cancer treatment or are in recovery, live with a neurological condition, or have unresolved pain due to injury, surgery, scoliosis, or amputation, working and speaking freely with someone who understands who you are, and what you have been going through, can be the first step of many towards healing.

Caregivers - Women are often the primary caregiver in families, caring for children, spouse, aging parents, or siblings. Caregivers tend to overlook or ignore their body's warning signals and their emotional state, putting aside their wellbeing in an effort to sustain everyone around them. At times, it is necessary to step back for a moment, permitting the body and mind to regain a balance and gently renew one's sense of inner Self. Yoga therapy's whole-person approach looks beyond the 'doing' aspect so often associated with yoga, allowing the non-doing aspects—mental and emotional stability, sensory calming, overall slowing of hyperactivity in the mind and body—to take precedence.

Workplace - High stress occupations, professional expectation, and competitiveness can be corrosive to bodily health and state of mind. As an example, suicide among physicians compared to the average is 40% higher for men, and 200% for women, with depression, sleep deprivation, and stress being the leading factors. Chronic pain is endemic in many high-pressure professions, and is directly linked to stress and burnout. Making space for oneself, taking time for introspection, and briefly pausing can provide short-term and long-term psychological benefits when combined with a regular, gentle yoga practice. Individual yoga therapy sessions may be scheduled in the workplace if a quiet space is available. For small-group yoga therapy in the workplace, a separate intake session and assessment is required for each participant.

Yoga therapy sessions are provided by a C-IAYT yoga therapist with 20 years of experience supporting women with chronic, persistent pain. Mind-body practices used are those found within the scope of yoga therapy and yoga cikitsa.

Yoga Therapy Options

With its focus on both physical and mental awareness, yoga is therapeutic both as a traditional practice for health and wellbeing— and as a gentle, alternative therapy for therapeutic rehabilitation, movement therapy, and long-term support.