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Mindful Mentoring for Women

Manasvini Mentoring & Yoga for Women


Manasvini Mentoring is intentional mentoring for women. You bring the intention, and we help guide that intention. Manasvini is a Sanskrit term, full of meaning for womankind: wise woman, proud woman, intelligent woman, good woman. Although we may aspire to all these, being a woman is something we become, formed by experience, life-lessons, and listening to the truth within us.


Life can create grey areas and cast overtones which obfuscate our perceptions and may hinder our best efforts to live well, as whole Beings. In essence, we lose a sense of Self. That 'Self', far beyond me-myself-and-I, is the truest version of our Self, yet it is always a work in progress, both inwardly and externally: in our actions, speech, thoughts. How, then, to put these together? How to find wellbeing and balance mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

'Knowing why I am doing what I am doing is the first question to be asked and answered', says Indra Mohan, longtime student of Krishnamacharya. If this question is asked of our self continually —persistently— it acts much like the gentle fall of raindrops, gradually filling an empty space, or clearing away debris. Similarly, each small change, added to the next, can create a life-change and clear the path to living simply, and wholely. As a woman and mentor, we may walk with you on that path of change at your request.

Live · Life · Well


It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection.

__Bhagavad Gita

Quality of life and physical and mental wellbeing are closely intertwined, yet our society tends to tease these apart and view them as unrelated. Age-old wisdom has told us that eating well, having a sound body, and getting sufficient sleep, are all physical 'prescriptions' for happiness. By the same token, our state of mind directly impacts our perceptions, emotions, and willingness to engage in living at all levels. For women, particularly, the various roles we may occupy during the course of a lifetime can be fulfilling inasmuch as they are often bewildering, exhausting, and challenging.

A yoga therapist cannot be the change, or make change happen— however, we can be a catalyst for self-reliance, resilience, and finding equilibrium—a balanced state. Each mentoring session is an opportunity to mindfully step closer to Svastha: being oneself or in one's natural state, and healthy in body and mind. We provide extended, thoughtful support over months or years, creating a client relationship that adapts and changes as needs change— delving into unhelpful  lifestyle habits or patterns of thinking, bringing awareness to daily activities, providing a compassionate, open space for discussion of life, living, and perhaps even dying.*

When appropriate, mentoring may be an adjunct to Second Nature Yoga Therapy™ and Restoration Yoga Therapy™, as well as Comprehensive Therapy Programs.

Therapeutic Yoga for Women

Yoga is a wonderful, sustaining practice for women, particularly during times of transition, stress, and change. As part of individual mentoring, yoga therapy can bring a sense of grounding, self-reliance, and calm to what may otherwise be a time of life which is challenging, or, simply overwhelming. Mentoring sessions and supportive yoga therapy are provided in-home and may have a focus on these and more:

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Disordered Eating

  • Menopause

  • Neurological Conditions

  • Cancer & Recovery


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*Support is provided within the scope of practice of yoga therapy. Mentoring is based in the extensive mindfulness and awareness practices of yoga, and is provided by an experienced C-IAYT yoga therapist. We do not provide psychotherapy.

Mindful Mentoring


Therapeutic Yoga for Women

In Bloomington 

Join a group of Bloomington women of all ages for a supportive yoga class on Tuesdays. Classes are led by a C-IAYT yoga therapist, providing instruction which is appropriate for women, respecting their body, cycles, and life-stages. Therapeutic, gentle yoga practices which can be safely used at home are the primary focus, however abilities vary— please come to class with respect for what each person can bring to that day's experience, and being mindful of your own contributions. Classes meet from 11:30am - 12:30 on the east side. Parking space is ample and free, with fully accesible building and bathrooms. Please contact us for location as this is not a walk-in class.