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Organic herbal goods, herbal compresses, herbal salves in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

Herbal Apothecary

Organic herbal goods composed of fair-trade, sustainably sourced ingredients, including herbal salves, compresses, clays, and healing soaks. Simple, yet profoundly healing alternatives provided by nature and our ever-giving Earth.

The Down-to-Earth Apothecary™ is open to our clients, or by referral. We do not offer bulk or wholesale, and all goods are freshly made—unless their very nature and composition requires the ingredient called Time!

Herbal Compresses & Bodywork  


Traditional Thai medicine treatments of the past incorporated steamed herbal compresses (Luk Pra Kob) to loosen stiff  joints, increase overall circulation, reduce inflammation, and ease chronic pain. The traditional, non-commercial blend we use in our Thai bodywork and cupping therapy is free of synthetic fragrances or aromatherapy oils: fresh, brisk, and intensely relaxing traditional herbs are used, free of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical (and environmental) pollutants.


Herbal compresses are included in Thai bodywork sessions and cupping therapy at no additional charge. For clients who know and appreciate the therapeutic benefits of these Thai herbal blends, the Down-to-Earth Apothecary™ provides handcrafted traditional Thai formulations for external use.


Herbal Nutrition  


Whole-person nutrition ranging from learning the basics of wholesome, healthful eating, to recognizing and managing emotional eating and disordered eating. Nutrition consultations and guidance are offered as part of Mindful Mentoring for Women, Second Nature Yoga Therapy™ and Comprehensive Therapy Programs—recognizing the relationship between our mental and physical health, the environment, and the nourishment we take in.


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