Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy for horse and human in Bloomington IN and Indianapolis Indiana.

Compassion Therapy for Horse & Human 

Equine Assisted Therapy for You

Horses are empathetic creatures, comforting and steadfast when we most need it, yet also serving as a catalyst for stepping out of ourselves when we become too caught up in our worries, self-doubt, and ruminations. It is impossible to have tramped into a barn at wind chill -20 and fed, watered, and cleaned stalls for eager equines without feeling a sense of accomplishment and  satisfaction for one's efforts, as well as seeing the genuine appreciation displayed by slowly swishing tales and sounds of contented hay-munching. There are also those wonderful days sitting in the loft as the rain drums on the roof, appreciating the company of a few barn cats (or owls!) while thinking of days spent in the sunshine, pressed against a horse, hearing its tremendous heart beating.

At times it is necessary to step back from the intensity of our emotions and desire for outcomes and reaching 'goals.' Life is not a race, or a show arena...Much like an over-raced, broken down horse, or a show-horse that sweats and trembles when it hears the sounds of show tack-and-gear being loaded, we sometimes find ourselves with head stretched forward, breathing quickly, and anticipating stress at every turn. When this high-alert state of being is added to by a life-crisis or a deeply emotional / spiritual conflict, it may have a long-term impact not only on emotional wellbeing, but physical health. This will not go unnoticed by a sensitive animal such as your horse, therefore we endeavor to support horse and human.

If one shares ones life with a horse—or any animal—one is privileged: They are our fellow beings in the passage of life. For those clients who are seeking a stride in the right direction or to change gait, both for themselves and their horses, Mindful Mentoring and Equine Assisted Therapy can be combined, or be part of a Comprehensive Therapy Program.

Compassion & Therapy for Them

Horses are, quite simply, a force of nature. We respect their presence and the place they hold in this fragile world, and are honored that they share their spirit and presence with mere humans. With a background in equine therapy and animal sciences, we have spent years training horses and dogs and worked extensively with them as a therapist, often finding that an animal's so-called problems resided in their human counterpart's expectations and behavior. For this reason, we do not provide therapy simply for your horse. Any healing—be it physical or otherwise—happens at multiple levels: It includes you as the human who cares for and shares time with their equine companion.

After years of providing therapeutic rehabilitation and manual therapy for horses in Kentucky, Colorado, Wisconsin and Ohio, we now offer equine therapy in-state only—in Bloomington Indiana and local area, including Indianapolis. We come to your location, avoiding stress and worry for all. A detailed phone meeting is highly recommended before the first in-person session as this program requires a commitment in effort and time on your part, emphasizing compassion to bring about positive change and healing in horse and human. 


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Equine Therapy - Equine Assisted Therapy in Bloomington Indiana and Indianapolis area. Compassionate therapy for horse and human.

We share the Earth with other sentient Beings.

While we are mere reflections in their eye,

they give us body, heart, and deep spirit.

Let us be thankful for our fellow Beings!

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